Bar Monkey Calisthenics is a Calisthenics Group based in Ballybrack, Co.Dublin with a specific aim to promote the growth of Calisthenics as a sport across the country.

Initially created by Jamie Geraghty in 2014, we have grown from Jamie training by himself in a park to now having over 180 members, making us the largest Calisthenics Group in the country. We are also officially recognised by Sports Ireland, the only Calisthenics Club in the country to be recognised also. We are also the first club in Ireland to compete internationally, with our three coaches Jamie, Aaron and Jamie competing at the Royalbarzz International Calisthenics Cup in Eindhoven, 2017, with Jamie winning the Advanced Freestyle Competition.

We organise Ireland's National Calisthenics Competitions at the Bar Monkey Festival each year, Organising Ireland's first ever National Adult and Junior Calisthenics Competitions, these have been the largest organised Calisthenics events in Ireland. 

With programmes starting from four years of age up to adults, we have programmes available for a variety of different people, ages and abilities, with our continuing pursuit to turn Calisthenics into a mainstream sport.



Bar Monkey

Our aim is to promote the growth of Calisthenics as a sport across Ireland by continuing the growth of this community