Bar Monkey Festival 2018


- Athletes Registration - 


This page contains all the details for athletes looking to compete in the Bar Monkey Festival 2018 and to register as an Athlete for the Bar Monkey Festival 2018. You must complete the form below to confirm your registration. 

Bar Monkey Festival 2018 Registration Form

This page contains all information with regards to the competition and it's structure, however if you feel you need more details just let us know by emailing


Medical Information


  •         We recommend that you are screened by your local GP before the event and ensure you are medically cleared to compete. 


Tickets/Group Bookings/Ambassador Role

  • If arranging a group booking, please contact us and we can arrange for a promotional pack to be sent to you.
  • Ambassador Role is included in the registration form and if you tick ambassador role you must sell at least four tickets to waive your registration fee. There will also be a percentage of ticket sales going directly towards you if you do take up an ambassador role. If you tick this box in the registration form we will contact you with more details. 


Dress Code


  • There is not a strict dress code. However, it is important to note that there is a certain style of clothing attributed towards Calisthenics / Street Workout. 
  • Do not wear Gymnastics style attire, leotards etc. Calisthenics needs to be seen as a sport in its own right with its own sense of style.
  • If sponsored or representing your gym and you want to wear their branding, that is allowed.  




  • There will be a variety of different media outlets at this event ( Photographers, Videographers, Journalists, presenters etc) 
  • By competing in the event you are allowing us to use your images through a variety of these media outlets. 
  • These photos and videos will be published across social media, as well as magazines and other websites.
  • If you have an issue with us using any photos or images of you please let me know. 


Competition Rules 




  • All entrants will be wrote down and drawn randomly from a pot. Each entrant will then take to the stage in the order they are drawn out.
  • If there is a tie, two people level on points for a placed position, there will be a 1v1 battle where they must perform another routine on a stage of their choice, with the winner of that individual battle placing highest. 




-        There will be three stages: Pull-Up Bar | Parallel Bars | Floor

-        You will perform initially at the Pull-Up Bar then return back to the preparation area, before you are called back up to perform at the Parallel Bars, then you will return again to the preparation area until you are called out for a final time to compete at the floor. 

-        At each stage there is a maximum thirty points you can attain (ten points from each judge) - 90 points in total. 

-        There is no time limit at each stage. This was causing confusion (and panic!) for a lot of people. You are being judged on your routine, remember that, not the length of time you stay on the bar. 

-        You are given three attempts at each stage and you will be judged on your best performance, if you do take three attempts.



- There will be three judges at this event ( to be confirmed at a later date ) 

- Here is a breakdown of what you will be judged on. 

- Individuality | Creativity | Statics | Strength | Transitions | Flow

- In each section there is five points going for each, with a maximum thirty points for each stage. 

- Each judge will be given two elements to judge you on.



Pull-up Bar


-        The first section is the Pull-Up Bar. 

-        The bar set-up we have for this is a four man square. 

-        There are thirty points allocated to the Pull-Up Bar Section.

Parallel Bars


-        The Second section is the Parallel Bars.

-        These are double Parallel Bars: Three instead of the usual two. 

-        There are thirty points allocated to the Parallel Bar Section.


-        The third section is the floor.

-        You will have adequate space for whatever you decide to perform on the floor. 

-        There are thirty points allocated to the Floor Section. 





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