Bar Monkey Bash Recap

Bar Monkey Bash


What a day!

We had the Bar Monkey Bash yesterday and delighted to say it was a fantastic event. 

Just want to say a big thanks to everyone who came along and a big congratulations to everyone who took part and to everyone who participated in the competitions, a huge well done for the fantastic displays that you put on! Everyone involved should be really proud of themselves.

I want to say a big thanks to all of you who were involved yesterday for creating such a positive atmosphere for all the kids involved, it was great to hear them being cheered on and it was fantastic for them to experience that. I thought all of the kids who watched the competitions were terrific and really supportive to all the kids that got involved. I'm sure there were plenty of nerves for the kids competing so it was really great just to see such a positive atmosphere for them. 

I'm sure everyone who was involved yesterday will agree there was some amazing talent on show! 

What is great about Calisthenics is the variety and individuality of everyone. There isn't one person in our group similar to another, they all have their own style of movements and preferential routines, and I really like that. I think it's important to note that everyone involved has been coached by the same people, and yet they all have such different styles, which is what calisthenics is all about, being able to express yourself through movement. 

The full photo album from yesterday can be found in the blue box to your right if reading this on a pc, or at the bottom if on a mobile, it is well worth checking out! 

Just to also let people know, we have classes as normal this week up until Thursday. Apologies if you are in our Greystones group reading this, there will be no class this week as the school closes at 11am. 

I felt yesterday was a fantastic display for everyone, especially all of the kids, to show you what they have learned throughout the year and to see what else they can learn as they go on. I hope it gave all of the people watching the inspiration to want to continue making progress. 

For us seeing how much the guys have improved since the Bar Monkey Festival in July was really rewarding. Seeing more kids step up to competition level since then has also been really exciting for us. We only introduced our Level 2 group essentially a couple of weeks ago and the guys were already confident enough to want to step up in front of a crowd to perform. That is really encouraging for us.

As always, an event like this and with going so well, it has us excited about the future. There was so much talent evident in the room yesterday and it truly does get everyone excited about what we can continue to build. 

A massive well done must also go out to the winners of both of our competitions, Luke Murphy in our Under 10s, and Leon Moran in our Over 10s categories. Two great displays from both! A special mention also to our Bar Monkey of The Year Award Winners - Ella Fell, Luke Bailey, Zach McAteer and Riley Colley. All well deserved as the progress made from all of them this year has been amazing! 

I really hope everyone who was there yesterday enjoyed themselves and got to see why we are all so excited for the future, and delighted to see so many people part of the Bar Monkey Crew! We have always said that we want everyone to feel like they are a part of something with Bar Monkey, that it is not just a class they show up to but something they associate with, socialize in, and truly feel part of something and share special moments with each other. We have had many this year and it only fills us with more optimism about next year and making everything bigger again!

A big thanks again to everyone for showing up, we hope you enjoyed it, thanks for creating such a great atmosphere and I can't wait to see everyone this week and in the New Year.

Hope you all have a great Christmas!