Greystones Guide Interview

We recently met up with Paul from the Greystones guide to chat about how preparation for the Bar Monkey Festival 2018 is going for Emma, Lauren, Gen and Leon! 

This was a great little piece for the guys and it was good to hear them talking about how they started, why they started and how much they actually enjoy Calisthenics. 

We are now only six weeks away from the Bar Monkey Festival, which promises to be an absolutely amazing day! This year the standard has gone up so high again, and we have special performances from World Cup Champions such as Sotoxine, Melanie Driessen, plus fresh from competing at FIBO Street Workout Championship French Athlete Colin Dojat, and from the UK and part of Team Barsparta, we have Starboy in attendance!

I am so excited for this day and for our club to be able to bring this altogether, this will be the biggest Calisthenics event to have taken place in Ireland, and we hope you can join us there!

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For the full interview check the video below. All credit goes to Greystones Guide. The full article can be found on their page here:




Jamie Geraghty